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Covid-19. Poverty. Lay offs. Bankruptcy. Illness. Depression. Death. Despair. Anxiety. Abuse. Neglect. The amount of negative topics and subject matters have no limitations in 2021. A carry over from 2020. In this short time, the world seemingly has been rocked and inundated with tragedy upon tragedy. Many, looking to their left and their right wonder with words that I have only ever heard similarly in the Old and New Testament. Cries for vindication. Cries for redemption. Cries for restoration. Cries for empowerment. Cries for strength. Cries for wherewithall. Cries of hope. Cries of hopelessness. Cries of emotional exhaustion. Cries of helplessness. Cries.

In Psalm 34:18 the bible says,

"The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."

Sometimes in the darkness of winter, when all living things around you appear dead or as if sleeping and the bitter cold blows through you suffocating your every attempt at breath; it is common to feel forsaken. Lost. Abandoned. Wondering what is the point of this? No scientific explanation would suffice either. To hear someone tell you in those moments, the winter is a necessary device for the climate and a necessary part of the changing of seasons does not lessen the impact of the winter upon your mental or emotional frailty. It does nothing to encourage you that better days are coming. That there is light at the end of the tunnel. That the darkness, enveloping you in the moment is but temporary and the light of a new day lies on the horizon. Our ability and sometimes inability to identify mental states and respond with compassion and empathy seemingly are bound within a willingness not to prove from expectant sight that something better is on it's way but to imagine it will arrive as it always does and always has before. Yet, imagine it we must. Because before we are able to glimpse the golden lining across the horizon, our imagination, our mind's eye must remind us as we have seen in the past what has come before and what we hope diligently will come again. The golden lining across the horizon. Very much our mind must imagine something we, in that moment cannot see, but that we have seen, in order to breach the veil of our current mental state and remind us something in that moment we physically are unable to grab ahold of. Hope. There is no better way to instill hope in someone than through the vessel of another living breathing human being sharing their witness. Their testimony to things getting better. About something they learned. Someone who impacted their life. Something that happened that took them by surprise and shook them from the monotony of a seemingly repetitive life or life experience. When people can share how their life has changed or been changed this becomes the fuel for your imagination to seize that which it hears, adapt it so quickly and cleverly to you, which then allows you to imagine the same possible outcome. This inspiration although manufactured, can often instill enough hope for the natural occurrences of changes in seasons and time to apply to you. Just as winter is not a permanent state. Nor even an ice age does not last forever, what you are experiencing right now is not permanent. It is temporary. Though you do not know, nor could you comprehend exactly how long you may have left, I assure you as those who have come before us have testified in times past, "This too shall pass."

With these things in mind. Welcome to our Testimonies section. Here, it is my desire to have many of you who have subscribed and are already a part of what we do and many who are not but are willing to share, share your testimonies about how the Lord is working in your life. Share what you are learning. Share what you are reading. How your experiences are impacting your life. Please keep these messages positive. They can include a trial or hardship but we are attempting to show the viewers about overcoming, lasting longer, having faith, endurance, not growing weary in well doing. The things that we need to rally around one another and hear are possible. How others are doing it. Our stories, our testimonies, our witness of this life and hardships we endure may serve as the kindling for a brother or sister to allow a fire to burn JUST LONG ENOUGH to make it through a painful adversity. To burn a hope that carries them just a little bit longer. The fiery coals to remain just hot enough to carry them through the bitterest part of their winter. Simply because they heard you explain how you did it. What you read. What you prayed. Who you spoke to for encouragement. How the Lord worked in your life. How you handled your mother or father's death. How you handled the loss of a child or loved one. What resources you used to make it through the darkest part of your winter.

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