Living with Dual Citizenship

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Christianity in America from the perspective of someone entitled to Dual Citizenship.

As a believer in Christ do you understand that you have Dual Citizenship? Not only are you a citizen of America but you are now a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. No not the Kingdom of heaven portrayed by Orlando Bloom and Liam Neeson in which Templar's are fighting a Holy War for the Catholic Church against Islam. The Kingdom of Heaven Jesus was referring to. A Kingdom that does not find it's Genesis on earth. A Kingdom that has no worldly form of government. There is no economy in existence we can compare to what sustains the Kingdom of Heaven and to be honest there is no model of any government that has existed or does exist by which we can compare to what Jesus lays out for us this Kingdom will look like and we will not truly experience it until He returns.

First, are you familiar with Dual Citizenship? Not many current American citizens are familiar with what Dual Citizenship is not because the U.S. Government doesn't allow it (the United States Government does allow Dual Citizenship) but because meeting the requirements by both governing bodies is many times near impossible. However, in my case Dual Citizenship has been, and will always be an option for me. My birth mother was not born in America. My birth mother was born in Teramo, Italy. As a first-generation Italian born in America, and being a male child I have and will always be entitled to Italian Citizenship (which I can share with my spouse and children) and American Citizenship because while my mother was born in Italy I was born here in America. In fact, my father was in the military and I was born at a Military base Hospital right here in America. 100% American Citizen and qualify for citizenship in Italy as a European Citizen. If I make that choice with my family, they would be able to come with me and receive the same treatment. However, if I chose not to act on Dual Citizenship then if my sons wanted to move to Italy when they were older they would not be able to receive citizenship in this manner. Here are some interesting facts about Dual Citizenship:

Dual citizenship means that an individual is a citizen of two countries at the same time. It is also possible to be a citizen of three or more countries. However, every country has its own laws regarding dual citizenship. Some countries allow it and others do not, while some countries have no particular laws regarding dual citizenship. Dual citizenship is not something that can be applied for. It is a process that happens when a person becomes a citizen of another country, in addition to his or her country of birth. Dual citizenship occurs automatically for some individuals. For example: a child is born in the United States to foreign parents. In this example this child has U.S. Dual Citizenship since the child is automatically a citizen of the United States and a citizen of its parent's home country. The same applies to children of U.S. citizens born abroad where the child is both a U.S. citizen and a citizen of the country of birth.
As a believer in Christ the same can be said about you. When you are adopted through the shed blood of Christ you become a citizen of a heavenly place where God is seated on the throne and Jesus sits at His right hand. Many people envision an imaginary place, many people will mock and speak as if this place does not exist. Some will even attempt to say that somewhere on this sin-cursed earth there is a place that is NOT Jerusalem where God will establish this Kingdom like I don't know, America. This is absolute heresy. The Kingdom we have been adopted into, Jesus' Kingdom, trumps all of man's feeble attempts at governing. So whether the "right candidate" is President or not, I can assure you that biblically speaking, America is not God's primary real estate for The Kingdom of Heaven. It's just not biblical. However, I assure you there is a Kingdom you are a citizen of. This Kingdom re-establishes what was known as a Theocracy. It is theocratically ruled and governed once again by God.

Jesus before He departed to prepare a place for us that where He is we can be also, told us that while we remained the way in which we behaved with our citizenship on earth we would also be held responsible for. What does this mean? It means that while we are here as participating citizens of whatever government we find ourselves under we should do so with humility understanding that any and all power comes from Him. There is a lot in that I do not understand but as a Dual Citizen I do know that sometimes you can start to wonder who you are more of a citizen of. For instance, I have never become a citizen of Italy I know I would qualify but I have never acted on this. What kind of a participating citizen would I be? I do not know Italian. My children and wife do not know Italian and I am not raised around Italian culture (though much of the "American/Italian" culture was with me as a child.) So rather than fail as a citizen of two governing bodies I would try to be a well-participating citizen of one governing body and chose to remain here as a citizen of only America. Maybe one day, just to do it I will act on that Dual Citizenship opportunity. For now, I am overtaken almost consumed by the understanding that even without my heritage I am a struggling Dual Citizen. I have a home that is far away from here with standards this world simply does not understand. It makes me feel "alien" at times. Yet, with the same profoundness, I cannot help but believe that God is watching from afar to see the manor in which I treat the authority I am under (The American Government and all who Represent any and all Authority for it) because the way I respond and interact with the authority before me is a crash course into the way I would respond and interact with God's Supreme Authority.

Do not get me wrong, I do not handle myself well all the time with authority. In fact, with leadership qualities I strive to not place myself under leadership I cannot wholeheartedly and completely follow. I simply will not do it. I believe that loyalty, respect, transparency, integrity aren't just really cool words that look sexy with a # sign in front of them but they actually mean something. I relate to them through my understanding of my heavenly citizenship. They are words that remind me of the quality of life that is pleasing to my Lord and they aren't catch phrases that garner more low wage employees because it means there are better benefits or there will always be work because the company is so large it's turnover rate ensures a job will always be available for the low man on the totem pole. However, I believe the manner in which I respond, interact or speak of the authority above me is an action speaks louder than words visual aid of what I really believe about God as an authority in my life. I wouldn't smear Jesus on Facebook by making him look like Hitler with words like "SOCIALIST" beneath his name, but when someone posts that with an image of our President...I would expect the only difference is the image they chose to place meaning they WOULD smear Jesus in that manner if they had reason to. There is no longer a respect of authority. It makes me wonder if that is because people really believe the only citizenship they hold is an American one...even if they are holding a Dual Citizenship to heaven.

When will the world (Solitary Citizens of AMERICA, & Citizens or Dual Citizens of other countries) look at us, dual citizens and begin inquiry on why we are different. Why we love more deeply. Why we careless about the matters of this world and more about the things of God, why we forgive more freely, why we abstain from wrong doing, why we participate in certain things and not others. Forcing an alien way on people is just as wrong as them forcing their ways on us. I personally, have never felt the world force its will upon me. I might re-approach this if I ever do. As far as judgement for sin and wrong doing, God has promised that it is coming. We should not be hasty to bring it early. It will achieve nothing. As far as establishing His Kingdom beforehand, He said it comes with Him, let Him Come. Man will produce the same second-rate failure of a government every time and twice on Sundays. Let His heavenly Kingdom Come. In the meantime, let us do better with our Dual Citizenship and realize once again that as believers we are citizens in a foreign land the likes of which this earth has never seen but only tasted but for a moment like the Rich Man and Lazarus.