Is He Real or just a Figment of Your Imagination?

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He sat where no one could see. He sat robed in secret places unknown to them. Yet, while He tarried there, He watched from afar listening to them speak.

He heard them in their homes, He heard them speaking with friends, He heard them raging in their minds, He watched them continuously contend within themselves and with others. When they gathered together, they cried for those who had less, when they gathered together, their hearts broke for those just like them but without His love without His forgiveness. They allowed their leaders to call on them in their own hearts to make a decision to forsake all and go. Some would chose to receive the calling and went far far away to a different obscur people to tell them about Him and He cried because there were people right outside their meeting places, the ones their hearts really broke for. In their gatherings they wanted everyone to meet Him but none of them introduced Him to them. They cried that all should know Him and when they went out from that place their words changed to condemnation and in public places they spoke about how different they were from the people they had just recently got done crying for.

Once again He sat in the secret place and cried.

Will we ever truly understand that His love for man lead Him to sacrifice His Son for all who would believe? That He meant who would hear about Him if they did not go? That we were called to love as we were shown love? Forgive as we were forgiven...While we were still sinners?

We don't get it.

Our words in secret places, must need to match our words out loud. We are not perfect, but when we are wrong we need to admit we are wrong and then repent and do what is right. We can talk about things like forgiveness, love, grace, mercy, repentance, redemption but if all we do is talk and we fail to model these heavenly principles what does that say to others when words are not enough?
In that moment we become liars in need of forgiveness and reconciliation. Revival will never come out of arrogance. Revival will only come from a truly repentant heart and the actions that prove our internal repentance.
No matter where we are, where we choose to run on this dustball of a planet, even if we go to the deepest recesses of space, we cannot flee from the presence of the Lord, the one sitting where no one can see, robed in secret places unknown to them.

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