Breaking Vicious Cycles

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Why is it that people so willingly grasp and raise traditions and practices to such an elevated position?

Especially when these traditions and practices are the very same things which are stunting the spiritual growth of living breathing people, who, according to Jesus, ARE the church!
The time for re-decorating Four Walls is over! It is time to re-decorate our hearts!
It's time to realize that $150,000.00 raised to do something with a church building is $150,000.00 wasted. $150,000.00 could be used to prevent a church member from becoming homeless, it could be used to assist a church member to obtain valid transportation to and from work so they can start becoming a proud contributing member of society, it could be used to keep someone's lights kept on, it could be used pay a medical bill or it could do all of the above at once.
However, I guess we could, instead, continue telling our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that the Mission Agency needs our tithe more than our family member needs their lights, or needs their medical bill paid, or needs a house or needs a car. That God will take care of them because of their faithfulness to the Church Building and during this time of trial God may also grow them spiritually...Im sorry. I simply no longer believe these shallow and hollow views which are not held regarding ANY OTHER practical part of the believer’s walk.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The church started in homes, pooling resources, sharing, going out to the highways and byways telling people the good news, then there were buildings, pomp and circumstance, laws that needed to be obeyed to continue, a building to maintain.
Maybe everything is ok. Maybe it's an overreaction. I guess $35,000.00 should be invested in Missions while there are members in your congregation hurting and struggling is acceptable... See, to believe that this is what we do to reach people with the gospel and that not having enough to keep a Youth Ministry functioning for $12,000.00, closing the program is wise.
Maybe building maintenance IS more important.
Maybe churches do not need Benevolence Funds.

When did things get to the point where we all believe that clinging to certain things that are Anti-Christ was acceptable?

People are hurting. People are in NEED. People believe that sending their money to the far reaches will return a blessing when their own community is being devastated. It's time we stop looking to the horizons and open our eyes to those closest. What happens when we all have nothing anymore?
What happens when the season comes in which everyone has been laid waste, no one has sown into their own and there is no more money to give to Charity Overseas? There is not enough money to have a Benevolence Fund? There isn’t even enough money to start a Youth Program much less maintain it? How can you rest at night knowing that what you ARE doing is enough?
There is a better way. There is. It starts with people changing their mind.
Turning their eyes to the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world and in turn attempt to model their life, their ways, their thoughts to those of Jesus. Where he speaks, listen. Where he is silent be silent.

The more we lift each other up, the more there is to lift up.

If we do not take care of the Foundation "people" what happens when the Foundation erodes from lack of care?
These are incredible resources!
I have been pouring over them and have made a decision to not go quietly into the night...
I’m tired of accepting the status quo.
Im tired of keeping silent.
I’m fed up with my own unwillingness to admit we have a problem.
When the world looks at the entire Christian Community today and mocks and scoffs it, it's not the same as it used to be. There is validation to their mockery, to the scoffing.
I’m tired of admitting I am a part of that camp and feeling helpless to repair another person’s view because of their valid experience.
I'm tired of associating with people that proclaim the name of Christ and don't feed their hungry, clothe their naked, house their homeless, heal their broken. If you cannot do the simple things how can you honor a call to go anywhere and help anyone else?
I am a Christ Follower. From this day forward. My actions, my time, my breath, my focus will be to do just that. I am a revolutionary. Convicted to do this thing.

It really is just that simple.

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