The Work of a King

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It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.

~Proverbs 25:2

We have been deceived. As Americans, we have been spoon fed history by arrogant victors. The older I become, the more history I am constantly having to relearn. My worldview is constantly being re-shaped because, as I have learned, I cannot trust the people in society I should be able to trust to inform me completely. Proverbs is a book of the Bible in which Solomon appears to be speaking to a son. He is attempting to provide his son with wise godly council and instruction for his life as an adult. In chapter twenty-five Solomon instructs his son that God receives glory for concealing things but a King receives glory when he searches things out. Solomon was the King of Israel. We sometimes, wrongfully assume all a King did was make decrees and fight wars. Sometimes, good Kings, didn't necessarily assign harsh or difficult tasks to others, sometimes they wore the mantle of a difficult task themselves. Solomon is instructing his son that sometimes a King does not contain the knowledge or wisdom of a thing when he needs the knowledge or wisdom of a thing. Sometimes he must search the answer out for himself or for the sake of his Kingdom. When this occurs and the answer (which was concealed) is revealed the King receives glory from the people of the Kingdom for that.

One of the reasons I have begun this work, Shepherding the Heart Ministries (with Andy Heller) is to create a place with resources for the Kings & Queens of the Most High God. Where you can easily search for the things that were concealed which we have found. Please do not misunderstand the illustration. I am not longer speaking regarding Proverbs 25:2 I do not believe what we are searching for or through has been concealed by God (and I am ok if I end up being wrong on that point.), rather, I believe this particularly concealed information has been concealed by men for the evil purposes of men to reap the benefits they might obtain for ensuring this information remain concealed. When God conceals a matter, it is for His glory and I do not believe that anything that would give God glory would be meant for evil against humanity in any way at any time. However, evil men have always existed in the world and evil men that do not love the Most High God most certainly have a desire in seeing other men regardless of whether they are evil or good not love the Most High God and would more than likely prefer the world to be either ignorant of Him and His ways or less knowledgeable of Him and His ways.

This is why I call this the work of a King. We at Shepherding the Heart Ministries are Kings kids. Children of a King were known as princes and one day became Kings themselves. Echoing the concept of a King teaching his son in Proverbs and that we believe we are King's kids; we believe we are doing the work of a King. That is searching out answers to questions that either were once asked and put down and struck from the record or potentially have never been asked and seeking out if there might be answer to these questions.

While searching the answer to another question that is not pertinent to this discussion at the moment, a number of resources were discovered that we have not come across before. We asked numerous scholars we knew who researched the Bible, read commentaries, etc. If they had ever heard of these works. They are listed on google, they were not "difficult" to find. However, they were obscure in the fact that when you search key words regarding their material unless you are as specific as the title of the work...they simply do not appear and very few modern day Pastors or Teachers reference these works. We found numerous writings by Leo Tolstoy. The same Count who wrote, "War and Peace", "Anna Karenina" & "The Death of Ivan Ilyich".

Recently, White Supremacists (as of August 2017) being called "White Nationalists" gathered for a "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Va. and things turned violent. We are not a news outlet. With the information we provided, please do your due diligence and research the issue thoroughly for yourself if you would like more information regarding the events of the rally and the political climate of the Nation during this time. We are more interested in providing one of Leo Tolstoy's writings entitled, "A Letter to a Hindu" we aren't going to give you a summary, we are not interested in cliff notes. We are interested in empowering the people to begin the work of Kings & Queens. Our bibles are dusty sitting on our shelves and men and women embodying vessels of hatred and vitriol have remained guiding and leading the people of America for long enough. Our Pastors continue to preach sermons and the contentment of enough Bible for the week is simply no longer cutting it. We live in a time when deception is candy and the very people we are supposed to trust, offer us our fill and ensure we begin to drift off to sleep while they have their way with our way of life.

Originally published December 31st, 1909

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