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      Thank you to everyone who has registered an account with Shepherding Your Heart Ministries! We are 305 strong and growing!

      For those of you who are new and lurk amongst the articles and videos, welcome. We really did not plan for the website to become a community. When we designed the website, it was all about centralizing resources that we were using or interested in. Those of creating content or curating content for the website have been studiers of ancient texts and authors throughout history for many years. We still are committed to providing some of the most intriguing videos, audio and text regarding spiritual things on the internet. While some of our articles challenge your thinking or challenge the status quo, we are NOT interested in proseltyzing you for the sake of numbers we choose to leave that futile task to the modern Church and her Unholy Affiliates.

      Everyone is somewhere on their spiritual journey. We would dare not make any assumptions on where you are at or speak profanely regarding the knowledge you have encountered. For the simple fact that you are seeking means you are on the exact same path we have chosen and therefore you are a spiritual brother or sister. We would, humbly appreciate that you consider the things that we share and that you read the things we write or share from others and attempt to consider them in the deepest part of your soul and ask questions and continue to grow in grace and knowledge hoping that the knowledge you obtain does not produce arrogance but that you discover the great spiritual alchemy which allows for a soul to take knowledge and transmute that knowledge into a wisdom. After all, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, so those who desire wisdom are at least seeking the Lord and have encountered or will encounter a healthy spiritual fear of the Lord.

      Regarding the divine with awe and humility should and will lead any initiate of spiritual things to begin to regard that which the divine created with the same awe and humility. At least, that is the hope. So rest assured the same spiritually invigorating and intriguing content you have expected from us will continue to be provided as we prepare it and present it. But, in a way, we have also grown into potentially a healthy need to communicate and fellowship with those who have chosen to connect with us. Meaning, we have added Community plugins so that users can add friends, create groups and participate in discussions apart from the content we share.

      One of the things you may have grown to appreciate from our ministry is that our articles are not available for comment. We have no desire to pontificate with the world regarding the content we share. We have spent in some cases hours reading, studying, conversing and debating over the content we choose to share on this website. We truly believe that those conversations, while healthy need their own location apart from the quality of the article. So now, through you can create your groups, add friends of other users and begin to start that process.

      For those of you who find an account on Facebook or have access to the App Telegram we also have community options through those platforms and we invite you to become a part of them.

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